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Zeke Skincare Listed As One Of The 10 Beauty Brands To Watch For 2021


Meet Zeke Skincare, a forward-learning company that focuses on simple and effective skincare routines.

Derived from the Hebrew name Zeke, meaning “God will strengthen”, the brand has a mission to fulfil. That mission is to provide confidence to customers through skincare solutions that actually work.

Made with top-tier quality, each product brings people closer to a healthy and glowing skin they're looking for. Zeke Skincare is a New-Zealand based company that uses locally sourced ingredients that add to the effectiveness of their skincare products.

The brand takes the viewpoint that confidence comes from within, and with this in mind have found a way to bring people’s confidence to the forefront through their skincare, thus improving their lives tremendously.

Perhaps the most outstanding thing about Zeke Skincare is that it provides products suited for all skin types, so every user will benefit from the power of Zeke’s skincare products.

It was important for founder, Simon Spencer Xu, to launch a skincare line that represents an exciting transition toward stigma-free skin products throughout the country.

Zeke Skincare’s products include a moisturizer, a face scrub, and a hydration mist that simplify everyone’s skincare while still providing everything the skin needs for a more beautiful complexion.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Author: Boost Media Agency