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Bringing confidence through stronger, healthier skin.

Zeke Skincare is based in New Zealand, using locally sourced natural ingredients to create our products. In turn, we offer powerful skincare solutions with lasting results.

3 Steps to Healthier Skin



Cleanse and detoxify excess grime from pores with our Face Scrub. 



Hydrate and nourish your skin with our Daily Moisturiser, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.



Boost your skin with our Hydration Mist. Containing invigorating vitamins and nutrients to benefit the skin. 

Zeke Skincare Bundle

Zeke Skincare Bundle offers a simple yet effective way to get healthy, clear skin. Our Moisturiser, Face Scrub, and Hydration Mist is all you need to feel more confident about your skin.

The Zeke Skincare Bundle comprises of:

  • Zeke Skincare Face Scrub - Leaves your skin feeling smooth with deep detoxification through charcoal and bamboo extracts. 
  • Zeke Skincare Moisturiser - Hydrates and nourishes your skin with natural ingredients including aloe vera, avocado and kiwifruit extracts.  
  • Zeke Skincare Hydration Mist - With antioxidant protection and invigorating vitamins, leaves your skin with pure hydration through aloe vera, citrus and cucumber extracts.


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Real Results

Made in New Zealand

Natural Ingredients

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

For All Skin Types

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